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Master the Art of Window Dressing With Custom Window Treatments

Window Treatment

When it comes to interiors, windows are like the eyes of your home, revealing its character and setting the mood for the entire space. Choosing the right window treatments is an art form, and I'm eager to share my expert tips with you! Whether you're aiming for cozy intimacy or luxurious grandeur, here are my top tips for choosing the best custom window treatments that elevate your living space and reflect your unique style:

  • Choose between curtains or blinds
  • Measure with precision
  • Layer for depth and elegance
  • Choose fabrics carefully
  • Prioritize functionality and practicality
  • Mix and match hardware
  • Express your personal style
  • Consider the seasons
  • Invest in professional installation
  • Perform regular care and maintenance

Keep reading to learn the insider secrets for creating stunning window treatments that elevate any room in your home.

Choose Between Curtains or Blinds

The choice between curtains and blinds sets the stage for your window treatment style. I've learned that curtains add a soft, flowing elegance, while blinds provide a sleek, modern look. Consider the architecture of the room. Curtains work well with high ceilings and traditional detailing, while blinds can be the perfect choice for streamlined spaces or where there are multiple windows that need to feel connected. 

Having trouble deciding between curtains or blinds? The Spruce sets out some important criteria to consider:

  • Light Control: Do you want a dark room for sleeping or a space with soft, filtered light? This will help you decide between light-filtering curtains or room-darkening drapes.
  • Style: How do you want your window treatments to look? Think about pleats, grommets, or other design details and how they fit your overall home style.
  • Budget: Window treatments range from budget-friendly (simple blinds) to more expensive (custom drapes or shutters).
  • Window Size: Short windows work best with blinds or shades, while tall, floor-to-ceiling windows look great with curtains or drapes.

Measure With Precision

Window treatments should fit your window perfectly, so start by measuring your windows accurately. If you're customizing these treatments, don't skimp on size. Allow them to hang from ceiling to floor for a grander and more polished look. 

For small spaces or short windows, an inch or two above the frame will elongate the wall visually. A tailor-made fit can make even the simplest of window dressings look opulent and tailored.

Layer for Depth and Elegance

Layering can add texture, interest, and a more substantial look to your windows. I often pair blinds with curtains for a contemporary take. Sheer curtains soften the light while the blinds offer privacy and light control. Play with colors and patterns to create a one-of-a-kind finish. Sheer layers also add privacy without completely blocking out the light, especially vital during the day.

Choose Fabrics Carefully

Once you've decided on curtains, fabric selection becomes paramount. Heavy materials like velvet or brocade exude luxury but can be oppressive in smaller spaces, absorbing light. Sheer materials such as silk or organza are fabulous for creating an airy feel. Remember that fabric texture influences how your space feels—soft and fuzzy for a cozy look, smooth and sleek for modern spaces.

Prioritize Functionality and Practicality

Your window treatment should serve your everyday needs. If your room faces the street, consider a blackout lining for better privacy. If you crave an unobstructed view, choose tie-back curtains. For rooms with high humidity, like the kitchen or bathroom, opt for materials that can withstand the moisture. Practicality in design ensures that your window dressing is both gorgeous and useful.

Mix and Match Hardware

Don't overlook the hardware. Rods, finials, and tiebacks contribute to the overall aesthetic. Mixing metals can add a layer of interest, while keeping them uniform creates a cohesive look. Choose hardware based on the weight and style of your window treatments. Heavier curtains may require more substantial rods to prevent sagging and keep your treatments looking impeccable.

Express Your Personal Style

Your window treatment should reflect your personal style and the theme of your home. Whether it's the bold choice of a statement color or the subtle attraction of a pattern, this is the opportunity to make a personal design statement. Customizing your window treatments allows you to be more creative—consider monogramming or integrating family heirlooms for a truly bespoke finish.

Consider the Seasons

Your window treatments not only affect the ambiance but also the efficiency of your home. In colder months, heavy drapes can act as an additional insulating layer, reducing heat loss. During summer, lighter, more breathable fabrics allow for better air circulation while still offering a modicum of privacy. Switching out or pairing different window dressings can be a seasonal decorating trick.

Invest in Professional Installation

A professional touch can elevate the final look of your windows. Installing custom window treatments is often trickier than it looks, and having a professional put them up ensures they hang perfectly. Pros can help with height placement, precise measuring, and hang them with the care they deserve. Their expertise will be apparent in the small details that make a big difference.

Perform Regular Care and Maintenance

To keep your window treatments looking their best, regular care and maintenance are crucial. Read the care labels to know when to clean them and follow the recommended methods. Vacuum blinds regularly and wipe down curtain rods to prevent dust buildup. Good maintenance not only preserves your investment but also keeps your home looking its best.


Custom window treatments are an investment in the beauty and soul of your home. They elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary, transforming windows into a canvas for self-expression. With a thoughtful approach and attention to detail, you can create window treatments that reflect your unique style, enhance your living space, and add a touch of magic to your daily life. Let the light shine in and let your personality shine through.