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Customized Window Treatments for All Window Shapes and Sizes

Custom window blinds by a bench

How do you pick the perfect window solutions when you have unusually shaped or varying sizes of windows throughout your home? My answer is always simple: Customization and made-to-measure. With the right expertly tailored and fitted window treatments, you can stylishly enhance any window type or dimension. 

In this guide, I’ll walk through the fundamentals of customization, look at recommendations for popular unique window forms, and share insider design tips on tying everything together cohesively room-to-room when your windows are all different shapes and sizes. Read on to learn how you can maximize both aesthetics and functionality with customized window treatments.

  • The power of made-to-measure
  • Enhancing specially shaped windows
  • Tricks for varying window sizes
  • Achieving a cohesive feel

The Power of Made-to-Measure 

Whether you have an old home with architectural accents like transom windows, a modern house with vast expanses of glass, or anything in between, customization is key. With window treatments made specifically for your exact windows, you can achieve a flawless fit and balanced proportions. 

Made-to-measure light-filtering shades wrap cleanly around curved bays. Floor-length drapes cut to the precise window height cascade beautifully. Structured blinds sized to fit backgammon windows add architectural detail. Custom pieces align neatly with the window frame and hardware. 

Precision measurements are crucial of course to get that made-to-measure magic right. A pro tip I have for you is this: Let the experts handle measurements rather than attempting DIY measuring and math, which often results in remakes. According to Homes and Gardens, mismeasuring is a very common mistake. It seems like a simple task, but there isn’t much room for error, and a mistake can lead to big headaches. 

Enhancing Specially Shaped Windows

Let’s explore some unique window shapes and their go-to treatments:

Arched Windows – Graceful arched shapes lend old-world European charm and deserve elegant treatments. Floor-length drapes in luxurious fabrics that puddle beneath the curve make arched windows a focal point. Custom swagged or balloon valances mounted just above the window frame echo the shape. For a modern flair, consider tailored blinds in abstract patterns and earthy natural textures mounted snugly inside the frame.

  • Round and Oval Windows – Circular porthole windows make such striking accents, especially when edged in beautiful architectural trim work. Here it’s best not to compete with elaborate wood detail already in place, so flat simple blinds mounted flush within the frame keep the focus on the gorgeous woodwork. For volume, hang double-width drapes gathered delicately on a slim sleek rod just above the oval. Custom-shaped roller shades in metallic fabrics or horizontal bamboo slats add a nice dimension.
  • Corner Windows – Take full advantage of light and views with corner windows by spanning tailored floor-to-ceiling sheers cleanly across the entire expanse using discreetly hidden rods in the upper corners. Pair with privacy drapes crossing the full length. For bedrooms, bottom-up blackout roller shades in fun colors and patterns pull down separately to allow for nighttime darkening while keeping the lovely open feeling.
  • Shaped Transoms and Sidelights – Homes with beautiful leaded glass transom windows or custom artisan-crafted sidelights can benefit from correspondingly shaped window treatments above or alongside to align cleanly. Consider wide bamboo blinds trimmed to the exact curved dimensions. Weave eye-catching drapery through sidelight negative space to make it a feature. 
  • Gable Walls and Sloped Ceilings – Make the most of gorgeous gable roof lines and sloped ceilings by extending perfectly straight floor-length drapes up over the window frame to draw the eye upwards. Continuous cordless Roman shades in contrasting hues also emphasize the verticality nicely. For skylights, opt for remote-controlled adjustable translucent shades to filter in just the right amount of light.

Tricks for Varying Window Sizes

Scale and proportions come into play when dressing windows in harmony. Some key guidelines for getting it right:

  • Oversized Windows – For soaring 2- or 3-story floor-to-ceiling glass walls, ensure ample fullness in drapes and curtains to balance the vast scale. Consider width-enhancing details like soft pleats, perfectly stacked banding, ornamental embellishments at the hem, and varying customized lengths. Sheers and shades should fully cover the glass to mitigate glare and heat gain. 
  • Undersized Windows – On the other end, petite windows can handle more ornate embellished treatments and heavier fabrics like damasks, velvets, or brocades. Limit busy patterns though to avoid overwhelming the small space. Mount drapery rods higher above the window to visually elongate. Always add side panels to widen the look. 
  • Double Windows – Take advantage of the negative space dividers by running a continuous window valance board across the full span. Hang drapes as a single unit, using wider specialized drapery lining down the middle to avoid sagging. Layer rich shades behind the divide to create depth and dimension. 

Achieving a Cohesive Feel 

With all of these window sizes and shapes happening in one home, visually tying everything together with interior design fundamentals creates balance. Some of my favorite tips include:

  • Repeating complementary textures and fabrics from room to room – Linen sheers in the kitchen and linen shades in the dining room allow each space to shine distinctly while feeling cohesive. 
  • Echoing signature colors in different values – For example, use light sky blue in the bedroom, vivid navy in the office, and palest blue-gray in the bathroom for calm consistency.
  • Layering drapes over shades and sheers for good design continuity

Using metal hardware finishes in the same family – Oil-rubbed bronze for rods and pulls unifies traditional spaces beautifully.


As you can see, with meticulous customization tapped expressly for your unique windows, you can curate a polished elevated interior design that reflects your personal style beautifully.