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Are Vertical Window Blinds Still in Style?

Vertical Blinds

When selecting a window treatment for your home, you might wonder whether vertical blinds are popular or if they've fallen out of style. After all, one of the top considerations outside of price is how trendy the treatment will be in the years to come. Outdated window treatments can age entire rooms in your home, so you want to tread carefully.

Vertical window blinds are indeed still in style. Topping many home style lists for the entirety of the 2020s so far, vertical window blinds are beloved for their unique look, incredible light control, and variety of styles.

This article will explore further how popular vertical blinds are and expound on their benefits. By the time you’re done reading, you can confidently decide whether vertical blinds are a desirable addition to your home.

Vertical Window Blinds: In or Out?

Vertical blinds are a different take on traditional horizontal blinds. These blinds were in homes everywhere in the 1980s. Then, like most 80s trends, vertical blinds kind of died out for a while.

If fashion has proven anything though, it’s that what’s old can always become new again. That’s why, in the 2020s, vertical blinds are being celebrated as a viable window treatment for homeowners everywhere.

UK culture and lifestyle magazine Bounce praised the benefits of vertical blinds. Of course, it’s not solely that vertical blinds are a relic of the 80s that makes them popular. There are other winning attributes to be discussed more in the next section that has caused today’s homeowners to not be able to get enough.

If you’re worried about the trendiness of this window treatment, there’s no need to be. The 80s may be long gone, but this time, it appears that vertical blinds are here to stay. 

5 Benefits of Vertical Window Blinds for Your Home

If you’re still on the fence about whether vertical blinds might be the right choice for your home, here are some clear advantages for you to consider.

Unique Compared to Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds? They’ve been done a million times. Every home has ‘em, it seems. That causes horizontal blinds to lose a bit of their allure. You’re so used to seeing them that when you walk into a room and when they’re there, they don't make as much of an impact.

The same certainly cannot be said for vertical blinds. You’re not expecting this blind style because it’s outside of the norm. Now that window that you would otherwise pass by is going to captivate your attention.

Incredible Light Control

If you’re looking for a near customizable degree of light control, then it’s time to upgrade your window treatments. Vertical blinds offer a fantastic degree of light control. You can leave the slats fully open to let in the full amount of light or pull the slats semi-closed for some light, but nothing too overwhelming.

Now you can use sunlight to set the mood, creating an energetic environment in the afternoon to get more work done or a soft, romantic mood as the sun sets.

Excellent Versatility

Vertical blinds are a smart window treatment on their own, but it’s their potential to combine with other window treatments that make these blinds so highly recommended. You might opt for vertical blinds with a set of dramatic drapes, or perhaps some gauzy, dreamy curtains.

Who said vertical blinds are exclusive to the window world? Although they’re not used for these purposes as often, vertical blinds have easily transitioned to covering sliding glass doors.

This allows you to have the best of both worlds. By day, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun that streams in through your sliding glass doors (and your open vertical blinds). Then, by night, you can close the blinds so your home feels less exposed.

Easy to Use

Today’s blinds run the gamut in terms of functionality. Some window treatments are even motorized. If you’re more old-school, you’ll relish how easy it is to use vertical blinds. Many styles include a pull wand or cord just like with a set of horizontal blinds. You can easily control how much sunlight the room receives down to a subtle degree.

Simple, Quick Maintenance

Here’s one last benefit of vertical blinds. Keeping them clean and beautiful is about as easy as can be. The same cleaning methods you utilized for horizontal blinds can apply to vertical blinds. Dust them off and they’ll look great.


Window blinds are back in a big way. These trendy window coverings are being rediscovered and reappreciated all over again. Perhaps vertical blinds are the right addition to your home too!