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3 Ways Window Coverings Protect Your Florida Home

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The right window coverings can enhance your home decor and provide you and your family with privacy. These two reasons alone might be enough to send you shopping for the perfect window coverings for each room in your house. There are other reasons that investing in new window coverings is worth the cost, though. The right shutters, blinds or shades can also help you protect your Florida home in these essential ways.

Window Coverings Make Your Home Less of a Target for Break-Ins


Burglar breaking in

You might have been pretty happy to install that brand new 4K TV in your living room, but a potential thief in the neighborhood might have been even more excited about your new purchase. Without the right window coverings, potential thieves can see into your home easily, making it simple for them to take a quick inventory of what you might have inside. This could lead to your home becoming the target of a break-in.

A home break-in can affect your home and family in many ways. It can cause you and your loved ones to feel unsafe in your home, and it can cause you to lose some of your most valuable belongings. Plus, serious damage could be done to your doors and windows -- as well as other parts of your home -- during the break-in.

Covering up your windows with the right window coverings help with this. If no one is able to see what is inside of your home, then you can help reduce the chances of your home being the target of a break-in. This helps you protect your belongings and your home.

Of course, it’s important to take other steps to secure your home and valuables, such as installing a security system and hiding the boxes and packaging for any big-ticket items that you purchase. However, installing the right window coverings is a great place to start. 

When choosing window coverings for this purpose, make sure that you choose window coverings that make it difficult to see into your home rather than looking at sheer options. Also, be careful about leaving your window coverings open when you aren’t home.

Window Coverings Protect Your Flooring and Furniture


Living Room

When the sun shines into your home, it doesn’t just warm up and light up the room. The UV rays that shine in through your windows can also cause damage to your flooring and furniture if you aren’t careful.

If you have ever removed curtains from your windows only to find that they were severely faded, then you might have an idea of the type of damage that UV rays can do. The UV rays can cause hardwood flooring and carpet to fade, and they can cause damage to your furniture and decor, too. This can lead to your carpet having to be replaced or your hardwood flooring having to be refinished, which can both be costly projects. Your favorite upholstered pieces might have to be completely reupholstered or replaced because of fading from the sun.

By covering up your windows, you can help block out these strong rays. This helps you keep your flooring and furniture looking great for much longer. Just make sure that you choose window coverings that work well for blocking out the light. Also, even though you might like leaving your blinds or shades partially open so that you can let in some natural light during the daytime, make sure that you do not leave them open all the time; otherwise, even the small amount of sunlight that shines into your home can cause uneven and unsightly fading on your furniture or flooring.

Window Coverings Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Air Conditioning Unit


Air Conditioning

To keep your Florida home nice and comfortable during the summer months, you probably keep your central air conditioning unit running much of the time. After all, without your central air, your home might feel like a sauna, particularly during the summer. Even though it is essential to run your air conditioning during the hot months, you might wish that you didn’t have to run it quite as often. After all, not only does constantly using your air conditioning system lead to expensive cooling bills but it can put a lot of wear and tear on your air conditioning system, too.

If you’re able to keep your home at a cooler temperature on even the hottest days of the year, you can help cut down on how much work your air conditioning unit has to do. This helps you both save money on your cooling bills and cut down on the amount of wear and tear to your system. Because replacing your air conditioning system prematurely or having to have repairs done can be very expensive, doing what you can to preserve your unit is worthwhile.

Installing the right window coverings can help a lot with this. Of course, for best results, you’ll need to choose window coverings that are designed to help block out the heat. For example, honeycomb shades are considered to be very energy-efficient, and they come in all different styles that are suitable for any home or decorating style. Finding shades, blinds, or other window coverings that will help you keep your home cool and comfortable while preserving your air conditioning unit should be a breeze. Remember that we can help you decide on the perfect coverings for every window in your home.

Once you have your new window coverings installed, you might find that your electric bills will be a lot cheaper and that your air conditioning unit doesn’t need as many repairs or as much maintenance in the coming months. These things should help make up the cost of your new window coverings and help your family enjoy a cooler and more pleasant summer.

Not only do they look great, but the right window coverings are also good for protecting your home. If you haven’t already, it’s time to start shopping for new shades, blinds or other window coverings to install in your Florida home. Contact Florida Shutters & Blinds today to talk about the options available.